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    Premiere makes new cache almost every day since April 2018 update

    lostsm Level 1

      I work on 2 or 3 projects for periods of weeks. Most of the time these projects share the same material in about 10 % of their total video footage and music. Before April 2018 update cache never had a problem recognizing these footage for months. Now after April 2018 update it makes new cache almost everyday of the same footage that hasn't changed in any way. It happens randomly even when i am working on the project. To be more precise, i suddenly can't work on the projects since video preview doesn't work. I restart premiere after closing it normally, and it starts making cache of every file in the project. Anyone else has this problem?


      1 - Cache folder is on its own HDD only for cache use (1TB HDD).

      2 - Footage stays the same for weeks, nothing new added. Only editing within premiere.

      3 - Footage is either Canon Mark 3 .mp4 files or Canon Mark 4 .mp4 files. (sometimes Gopro footage)

      4 - Cache folder path doesn't change. Cache files are not deleted from someone externally.

      5 - Peak files folder creates sub folders with "date of cache" names where it has almost identical cache files in every folder!!!!!!


      Any information is welcomed.