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    Image doen't port from Library to Develop



      I'm new to lightroom so the answer might be simple but I can't seem to sort it.

      I'm running Lightroom Classic v7.3.1 under Windows 7 ultmate with AMD 4.2Ghz processor, 32Gb Ram & Sapphire R9 380X 4Gb.

      My problem is that when I select an image in library and move to Develop to edit it, the image is not there, just black space where it should be, but the image is present in Navigator at the top left. The same thing happens whether I change using the D key or clicking the tab.

      If I select crop the image appears and allows me to crop it but when I accept the crop the image disappears again. If I exit the program and reload it then the image is there and I can edit it without any problems but if I select another image in Library I have to shut the program down and reload in order to edit it.

      Can someone advise what I am doing wrong?