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    Lightroom CC classic 2018 lags HARD

    rotemb42021270 Level 1

      So I've been using lightroom on my machine for a few years now. And all the recent versions worked fine, with no notable bugs or problems.

      But recently I updated lightroom to the new classic 2018 edition, and it is lagging HARD. So much so that I can't apply masks. Photoshop, Premiere and After Effects all work perfectly, with no lags whatsoever, but Lightroom has been a NIGHTMARE. 

      I tried optimizing the catalog, reinstalling it, clearing everything else and running just it, but nothing seems to help. Any ideas? Also, disabling GPU usage seemed to help for like 2 seconds and then it came back to terrible


      My computer is:


      Intel i5 4670k

      nvidia geforce 1080

      8gb ram


      Needless to say Lightroom is installed on an SSD and the cache is at a different SSD.

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          Paul-Moat-Hill-Photo Level 1

          I hear ya... its killing me. I'm trying to edit shoots at the moment and its slowing me down terrible. I'm on Mac and I've tried everything...


          Adobe please fix this asap!!!!

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            Sean Molin Level 1

            I'm going to +1 on this. It's bad. Like, the worst it's ever been — and that's not hyperbole.


            I've been using Lightroom since right before 2.0 was released (a decade?) and I've always had adequate performance at the very least. Sometimes speedier than others, but never unusable, and nothing an update didn't fix.



            This last update broke it. Bad. I have to restart the app to get 30-60 minutes of use out of it, but then it immediately begins to just hang on every mouse input. Constantly. And nothing but a restart fixes it before it just does it again.

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              KittenCabada Level 1

              Oh my goodness! I'm not the only one! But... Oh, no, I'm not the only one... I, too, have tried all the regular troubleshooting solutions to try to fix the problem. I thought it was my PC, but no. It's Lightroom CC Classic. It makes me want to pull my hair out! What normally would take me 2-3 days to edit an entire shoot has now taken me almost two weeks! Thankfully, my client is forgiving. My future clients, however...? They might not be so forgiving. This is excruciating. One photo now takes me more than 10 minutes to edit because I'll be waiting for adjustment brush tool to make changes or the healing brush tool... Beyond ridiculous! Do something Adobe!

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                Axel Matt Adobe Community Professional

                You don't say anything about your system.

                Which operating system do you use?

                Which hardware is build in your PC?

                Is you system up-to-date, esp. the graphic driver?

                Do you use the latest version of Lightroom?

                Do you have tried to deactivate the GPU support?

                Do you have tried a clean reinstallation of Lightroom?


                I worked with Lightroom Classic CC on an older hardware (Intel i7-2600K, 16GB RAM, Quadro K2000 ). Catalog and preview cache are stored on a seperate SSD. My catalog contains approx. 85K pictures.

                I don't have any problems that you described. So I think something wrong in your configuration or it is a incompatibility with your system