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    Unable to import a travel catalog into the master catalog


      I have a main LR Catalog and a small catalog created when travelling.


      Using the File - Import from another catalog I get the Import from Catalog "17 nw spain-2 panel

      however the checkbox next to the All Folders (16 folders) line has a "-" sign and all the other check boxes for the folders are blank and checkboxes for each folder cannot be set to any value apart from blank.


      When I select Import i get the following message.


      An internal error has occurred


      Database "/Volumes/Main3 /lightroom/Lightroom/Lightroom Catalog-2 ircat": UNIQUE constraint failed:


      Statement: INSERT INTO AgtLibraryFolder(id-local,id_glbal, pathFromRoot, rootFolder)

      VALUES(?,?,?,?); (error code 19)


      I have imported the catalog into a different catalog with no visible problem.


      What do I have to do to fix this - or does the 17 nw sopain-2 catalog have to remain an orphan out in the cold from the main catalog.


      Thanks for any help