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    Unwanted Horizontal scroll bar in browser preview

    douweb11387896 Level 1

      Heya! Let me start this off by saying this is like my second website I'm making in muse, the first one being a trying out stuff site.

      I am now making a site for my new portfolio/resumé which I am gonna put in use soon, BUT;

      I seriously don't get Breakpoints (which might make this a whole different story/question)

      and when I preview in the browser, it adds a horizontal scroll bar at the bottom, and when you go to the right side of the site, the whole background image is shifted and scaled up (and yes I have tried pushing some buttons, but it didn't help the problem).


      By the way, this is just the beginning of the site, I dont have a menu yet and I only made the landing and the "About me" part, also try to be so noob friendly as you can , I seriously dont know the name of everything in Muse since I just started using it. Thanks!


      My project: https://adobe.ly/2FReqLH


      And also, I made a prototype in Adobe XD for what its gonna need to look like: https://xd.adobe.com/view/4e8d8319-c34c-4d8b-81a5-ac977912487b?hints=off  (font used is Mermaid)