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    Flex Player Play Movieclips slowly

      Hi all,

      Encountering what may be a problem with Flex playing movieclips more slowly than Flash (non Flex-app). When an SWF is played in the Flash Player (raw, outside of a Flex app context and not in a browser), it plays at the appropriate 32 FPS. Within a Flex app, housed within an SWFLoader, the same clip seems to play sluggishly, at about 20 FPS. Have checked and set the stage frameRate to 32. Have even set up tests to check/change the frameRate and seems to work, but seems to top out at about 20 FPS.

      Wondering if perhaps it may be the combo of Flex and the browser that may be slowing the play down.

      The question: Has anybody else encountered this problem? Any known issues with this?

      Any help ASAP very appreciated.