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    Issue saving color palettes in Color CC




      I have a small independent design studio in India. I am using the latest version of softwares (OS, browesers, updates) on a Macbook as well as windows. Im facing an issue saving the color themes on the color.adobe site. Everytime I try to click on the Save button I see this hovering at the bottom of the browser- javascript:void(0), and the button does not respond to a click. I am already signed in with my adobe ID which also is a paid team membership.


      What is the point of having such a good tool to create color themes when you cannot save/ use the themes by exporting directly into other CC softwares. It is a real pain copying and pasting the color manually everytime.


      I have seen this error discussion across various online forums but no revert/ resolution from Adobe. It feels like a grave negligence and an ignorant attitude from a brand of such reputation and stature!


      Adobe? Please respond?