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    Troubleshooting help, please!


      Hi All,


      I've recently built a *mid-range* editing platform and I'm experiencing some serious performance issues that I can't account for, and so I don't know what to do to fix. The issues are numerous, but to the extreme that when I drop a short 4K H.264 clip into a timeline, it doesn't just drop frames, it's drops most of them when previewing the clip (this is even before any colour grading or effects are applied, but after I've allowed ingestion processing). Now I've read all the opinions on how computationally intensive decoding H.264 on the fly is, but throughout all my performance issues, system resources are running well below capacity. As an example during a simple preview of a 4K H.264 clip:


      CPU (AMD Ryzen 1950x 3.4GHz x 16 cores) - circa 16%

      Memory (DDR4 3200MHz x 64Gb) - 6 - 12Gb in use)

      Disk 0 (boot and programs - 256Gb PCIe NVME SSD) 0-1%, response time 2ms.

      Disk 1 (working storage and cache - 1Tb SSD) 0-1%, response time up to 23ms.

      GPU (Radeon Vega FE - 16Gb HBM2) - sweet eff all (0 - 3% but I'm pretty sure it's being used by another application).

      OS: Win 10 Pro


      I have playback renderer set to software only because enabling the so-called 'OpenCL supported' mercury playback just results in a black screen during preview.


      I've spent an hour with a dude from Adobe support rooting around inside my system and he wasn't able to provide any help. I'm convinced that these issues are software related (i.e. how either Adobe or Windows is managing access to hardware or something) but I don't know enough to troubleshoot my way through and rule out or diagnose issues.


      I'm looking for some specific trouble-shooting steps to go through to see what's what, so I'd prefer if we could avoid vague references to 'critical system libraries' etc. (if that's something I need to check, please be explicit). I've already updated every driver on my system and done performance benchmarking on all hardware etc.. I've also read the entire internet over the last few weeks in an attempt at self-help, obviously without success (although I do now know a lot more about block-chain mining than I care to). The computer is new, loads windows effortlessly in a second or two after POST and for all intents in purposes is in excellent health, other than being at serious risk of getting punted out of my second story window if I can't work out why Premiere Pro makes a workflow that I can easily do on my 2011 iMac, practically unworkable...


      Appreciate any help you're able to provide!