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    360 Stereoscopic VR Help!

    samb14500854 Level 1

      Hi all,


      I need help working with some stereoscopic footage in PP. I downloaded creative commons footage from YouTube which is Above/Below stereoscopic footage. I was hoping to edit this into my own project in PP. I have previously successfully downloaded, edited and exported VR footage which I took from YouTube and uploaded back to YouTube, however this was monoscopic footage. I also own a Ricoh Theta S which I have used several times for mono successfully.


      I cannot work out though what I am doing wrong with this stereoscopic footage. It appears as above/below in my source monitor and when I toggle VR on I am not getting the full 360 view, I am still able to drag around as if it were 360 but the poles of the images are sucked into a point distorting the image.


      I have gone into sequence settings and made sure they are set to Steroscopic Above/Below.


      What am I doing wrong!!!!