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    Which events cause Binding to fire?

    Brent Lamborn Level 2
      I've got several TextInput controls in a Flex form. Their text properties are bound to nodes in an XML data source. I also use <mx:Binding> tags to bind the text back to the XML data source. This works great when the TextInput controls are typed into.

      But, I am using a 3rd party library to do spell checking on the TextInput controls. When the text in the TextInput is changed in ActionScript, the new text is not being bound back to the XML data source. Right after the text is changed, I am firing the TextInput control's Change event programmatically and the Binding still does not update the data souce.

      The Change event is apparently not enough to cause the Binding to update the data source. What events cause a Binding to update? Why won't the Binding do its thing when the text is changed programmatically?