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    7.3.1 doesn't fix anything! Just makes things worse....


      I've updated to 7.3.1 on a Mac. Things are even slower than 7.3.

      -It's still a CPU hog and not even making my GPU break a sweat.

      -Fan speed issue still there

      -Crop issue still there where it shows the previous image for about 3 seconds before going to the current image.

      -Gradual/radial filters slow things down even more.

      -3 to 5 seconds to switch from image to image.

      -2 seconds or so to view before/after or difference between this snapshot set of adjustments vs another set of adjustments.

      -Exporting files has now started to take forever. Go out to eat dinner if you're planning on exporting more than 10 files at a time.


      Shall I continue on?


      I guess I should be thankful I still have my images, presets, and that my catalog isn't corrupted...


      Screen Shot 2018-05-08 at 12.19.41 PM.png


      I sure hope that you have your engineers chained to their desk working round the clock to come up with a real update and fix for all of this and not just another bandaid on top of another bandaid. In other words, lets rewrite the code that's actually causing the issue rather than adding more code on top of the existing bad code to try and fix the issue.


      Thank you,


      Yet another dissatisfied customer who won't be recommending anyone to use this piece of software.