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    File upload with Flex

    ac361 Level 1
      Hi. I'm building a Flex app that needs to do the following,

      [#] Display a datagrid of records from a MySQL database. Each record will have an [Attach Image] button to allow users to upload a JPG/GIF/PNG file to associate with that record.
      [#] Once user clicks the [Attach Image] button, a popup panel enables the user to search her/his machine for an image file and then click [Attach].
      [#] If the image doesn't end in extension JPG/GIF/PNG, it stops and gives an error; else it proceeds to resize the image to 200px width (leaving the height free), and uses the record's ID to store the file on the server.
      [#] It then displays a thumbnail of the image with the record with some text saying the operation was a success.

      Is this something that's possible with Flex? I'm a newbie to Flex and your thoughts and suggestions are very much appreciated. Any examples that do something similar? Thanks.