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    Brush Locations - where to install .xmp brushes?


      Where do .xmp brushes belong? On one of my computers, the brushes are located in the Adobe > Camera Raw > LocalCorrections folder. On my other computer, this location/folder doesn't exist, so I don't know where to drop these brushes (with .xmp file extension). Thoughts?


      In addition to this issue, and since we're on the topic of preset location... when I right-click on a preset in the Develop module, it takes me to the Camera Raw directory. Perfect. Though, when I search for the location via Lightroom > Preferences > Presets > Show Preset Folder Location, it takes me to the old preset location (in the Lightroom Directory, and to the .lrtemplate files).



      I'm running Lightroom Classic CC 7.3 and I'm dealing with the bugs as I run into them (who isn't!?). This one is mind boggling!