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    Experience Cloud ID troubleshooting

    v91332370 Level 1

      Hi, after following the basic documentation that is available to install the Experience Cloud ID Service extension with Adobe Launch I got the following results:

      - DTM debugger basically says the ID Service loads:

      [Experience Cloud ID Service] Created instance using orgId: "MYID@AdobeOrg"

      [Experience Cloud ID Service] Set variables: {"trackingServer":"XX.sc.omtrdc.net","trackingServerSecure":"XX.sc.omtrdc.net"}

      [Adobe Analytics] Setting MCID instance on the tracker.

      - About 6 s_vi cookies are set

      - No AMCV  cookie is set

      - No MCID value available on Analytics request

      - calling Visitor.getInstance("MYID@AdobeOrg") from the console returns an object without MCID value.


      Is there any additional documentation or clues that anyone could offer to troubleshoot this implementation issue?


      I do not know if this matters but for background:

      - my web property is a subdomain (sub.main.com)

      - main.com is another property where the experience cloud id is already set up via DTM. I want to track visitors across properties so the same org and reporting suites are being used in both.


      Thank  you