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    Indigo - Topic Content Height

    alexg57402100 Level 1

      Is there a way to auto expand the Topic-Content pane based on content? Instead of having to use the scroll bar inside the pane to navigate the topic content, the pane would extend based on its content. Also, would the same solution work for the TOC? Would like a way to only have one scroll bar for the entire page instead of individual scrolls for each section.


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          Willam van Weelden Level 5

          I don't see a straightforward way to do this, I'm afraid. It is possible to change the container for the TOC so that it keeps expanding. But the page layout is set up using absolute positioning, so that would require quite a rewrite of the CSS to make it work as you want. In addition, the topic content is displayed in an iFrame. The iFrame is scaled to the screen and scrolls individually. It would require JavaScript to make it behave as a regular page. I've played with that in the past, but never got it to work as I want. Perhaps a web developer in your company could help you.


          When this is a requirement, I generally look towards Multiscreen HTML5. That doesn't contain iFrames and is much easier to set up as you describe. (But it has it's own downsides though.)


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