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    Fastest, cleanest, most maintainable way to make a rectangular slice of a video (detail) pop in (zoom in) and zoom back out (Lightbox effect) - Dedicated Plugin?

    NeatWolf Level 1

      Hi there!


      I'd love to learn how experts do this, or, if there's a dedicated Effect or Transition capable to do that.

      I need to do this really LOTS of times, so learning the fastest and most maintainable way to do this is really important to me.


      I know how to do it "slowly", but I hope there's a better way.


      In sequence I'd love to:


      1) Make a rectangular cutout of a part of a clip zoom in at the screen center, filling 90% of the composition width or 90% of the height (best fit)

      2) have the rest of the video playing underneath, maybe slightly dimmed

      3) Have both the zoomed part and the non zoomed part play in sync

      4) At some point fading out the pop up or making it shrink back to its original position, restoring the normal brightness of the parent clip it has generated from


      Like this:





      (zooming back to the original point is optional)




      The zoomed in section and the background video should keep playing the same clip.


      Now, I would really love to avoid doing it manually, cropping, dimming, keyframing zoom, manually adjusting the position on screen "ad hoc", making it zoom back to the original position (having to remember zoom scale, pan, etc).


      I might have to do this like 10 times in this video and 100 in the whole course.


      So it has to be both easy to perform and easy to maintain.


      I may avoid dimming the background and just have a black glow around the zoomed clip



      >>>Isn't there a way to just draw a rectangle on a clip, position it appropriately, then zoom it it back?


      Could someone please explain or suggest the workflow?

      I believe I should be first duplicating the clip and masking it. Seems like a trivial task to me, so probably there's a solution right there ready to use out of the box.


      I'd love to keep doing it in Premiere, not in AfterEffects if possible.



      Thanks in advance.