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    Handling DST period in Flex

      How can we handle previous year DST period in Flex.
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          What do you mean?

          Flex is using OS data regarding DST, so if your system knows about the previous daylight savings times, you should be fine.

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            FJFLEX Level 1
            Yes it takes the DST referenec from OS only. If i am passing April1, 2004 date(does not fall under DST bracket), Flex is stil considering it in DST because in current year DST has started from March. It is taking the current years DST. Flex uses JRE, and JRE has TZDatabase which stores the DST related information for all the year. Is there any way to refer TZDatabase in Flex.
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              Mitek17 Level 1
              Hmmm.... I would try first s simple C program compiled and run on your system first to check if system knows about the DST dates in 2004. My impression was that in Windows there is a table in registry which specifies the dates for DST for each year.
              If your system gives you a correct result, well then it is Flex's fault.

              Flex date handling is quite rough - in one cases it could give you wrong result and in some cases it works correctly.
              I've bumped into the problem with DST which is described here:

              Sounds stupid, but what if you try to go from now to April 1, 2004, using date-- instead of direct setting of the date?