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    Assets Search:

    vijayk87714775 Level 1

      I'm trying to customize assets search panel in AEM 6.2 as per the official documentation given . If I try to add search predicate with title or any other property, it's not working. https://helpx.adobe.com/experience-manager/brand-portal/using/brand-portal-search-facets.h tml https://helpx.adobe.com/experience-manager/6-3/assets/using/custom-search-facets.html Could you please check and lemme know if I'm missing anything? Thanks in advance.

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          ashu4pma Level 3

          Please elaborate which predicate you have added. "Fulltext Predicate" may not work as it becomes obsolete after OmniSearch introduced in 6.2 and removed in subsequent release.

          If you have used "Property Predicate" then it should work. If it is not working even after using "Property Predicate" then share following details:

          1. Values provided to this predicate (property name, placeholder etc.)

          2. The search GET request parameters (open browser's debugger and trigger search)

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            vijayk87714775 Level 1

            Thanks for your response. Could you please tell if there's any way to implement partial text search or is there any OOTB way to add partial text search? Cos' the "Property Predicate" which you mentioned, I tried it but it only when works there's an exact value match. But, as per the requirement what we need is partial text search. Regards, Vijay

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              ashu4pma Level 3

              You can use wildcard with Property Predicate or with any other predicate.

              Say following works well for Property Predicate:

              # LIKE







              API: Query Builder API


              Use "Hidden Predicate" to add "property.operation=like" at Asset's search form editor.

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                vijayk87714775 Level 1

                I tried the above solution but it didn't work for me and I think I'm missing something. In the property predicate, I've added the property name the usual way. After that I've dragged hidden predicate and 2 fields are there: 1) Property Name 2) Value So, in the property name I'm adding the same property name which I added in Property predicate. And, in the value field I'm adding "property.operation=like". Is it correct or I need to add in different way? I also tried added "property.operation" in "Property Name" field and "like" in "Value field" but that also didn't work. Could you please describe exact way how I need to add values in hidden predicate? Thanks, Vijay

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                  ashu4pma Level 3

                  Add property predicate to add following:



                  But look at the form and grouping once you added the Property Predicate. Since grouping support is not available for authoring, it will be auto populated. So in the final form, say this custom property comes as 22_property=jcr:content/metadata/dc:title,


                  then you should use hidden predicate to add following:



                  Inspect the Search GET request parameters at browser's console to diagnose it better.

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                    vijayk87714775 Level 1

                    Hi, I've tried the suggested solution both in AEM 6.2 and AEM 6.3 but still it didn't work! After adding the property predicate, I did inspect in DOM and check group and after that tried added property in hidden predicate as 22_property.operation = like Also, I tried, 22_group.property.operation = like But, both of them didn't work. Is any there anything I missed?

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                      ashu4pma Level 3

                      Can you share the search GET request parameters being generated post your changes? It is very comprehensive to figure out what query is going to trigger by looking at GET request parameters.


                      The request I am looking is for following URL: