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    Mac Book PRO - Stamps Folder


      Very perplexed.  On Windows and most Macs I have had no problems locating the Stamps folder and installing stamps.  However, a Mac Book PRO with Acrobat 10 Pro is giving me fits.


      The Stamps Folder path I am aware of is supposed to be: Library/Application Support/Adobe/Acrobat/10.0_x86/Stamps


      I have navigated into Library/Application Support/Adobe/Acrobat/ but there is no version folder with Stamps subfolder . . . it ends at Acrobat.


      I have searched for the Stamps folder through the console (both "user" and "app") with no luck.


      All other functions (including the standard dynamic and other stamps that install with Acrobat) work with no issues.


      I would appreciate any assistance I can get.