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    concatenating strings, loosing spaces

      I am having an issue with concatenated type. I first had simple concatenated statements in an html text field. I am concatenating regular text with bolded text. What is happening is that where the regular is concatenated with the bold, it appears that there is no space visible between the regular and bolded words. I made the text selectable, and pasted into a text document, and proved there is a space there. I've tried a regular space, and  
      "words " + "<b>words</b>"
      "word " + "</b>

      Interesting to note that the space not appearing is not consistent. It also seems to happen near the end of the concatenation.

      I then tried to format the text with TextFormat(), removing the htmlText. So it was plain text formatted by TextFormat().

      Do you know of a solution to my dilemma? I need this solved, as I will be using more concatenated strings like this in the future.