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    Is flex a flash alternative?

      Hello, i'm new to flash, flex and actionscript. I have a new project being given to me where i need to learn actionscript within the next month or so to program a flash website with an xml database, but i cannot afford to purchase flash currently. I am wondering, can i use flex to learn actionscript? (I know that i can download the trial version of flash for 30 days, but that wont help after the 30 trial period is done. hoping to find a way to learn this without investins a half a month's wages on the needed software. )
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          What i need to find out is this: i have someone who is creating a flash website, but does not know how to progam in actionscript. I dont have flash, so can i learn and create the actionscript code in flex and than give him the code to put into his flash?
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            Programming in Flex is lot like a programming in Flash professional. Fundamentally, Flex enables you to build and deploy SWF files, the compiled bytecode that is interpreted by the virtual machine known as Flash Player on desktop browsers.

            The key differences between the two authoring tools are:

            1) Flash has been designed to facilitate the creation of interactive content, whereas Flex is geared toward application development.

            2) Flash stores your application structure in a binary FLA file, whereas Flex uses a text file based on the markup language of Flex, MXML.

            3) Each tool also differs in the development model it employs.

            Hope that helped.
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