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    Adding video but it adds only the audio. Help?


      [PREMIERE PRO] So I added a bunch of video at once, and a pop-up message told me something wasn't support and that it could install something (i cant remember what it was). So I installed it and then it let me add a lot of videos (about 32 of em). However, some of those videos only added the audio portion and not the video itself. I checked the files and they are .MOV files and would play normally by themselves. I also tried opening a new premiere pro application and it would change the video to an audio only file.


      The weird thing is this happened to like 20 of the 30 files, not all of them.


      What do I do?

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          It seems that there are errors in interpreting the file. What I did was to try to open using AME and tries to convert it to another types of file like the same MOV or MP4 then re-import to Premiere. Hope it helps.

          BTW do the file recorded using phone? Usually my students bring me this condition when they recorded using iPhone.