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    Is it possible... could it be added in the future? [Motorsport: can LR recognize feature on car and label it with driver's name?]


      This may or may not be something that will be useful to the majority, but... looking at the "facial recognition" features gave me an idea.  As a motorsports photographer, it would save an incredible amount of time if we could get lightroom to "recognize" a particular number style or feature on a car and label it with the driver's name the way that it recognizes a face and labels it with the person's name.  When shooting 1000+ shots per night over 4-6 different divisions, it could take hours to label each car with the driver's name that would unlock the ability for customers to search for their particular car when looking to purchase photos.  IF Lightroom could do that work for us, it would be a game changer, and IMO it doesn't seem like that much of a stretch from the "facial recognition" ability.   Thanks for your consideration.