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    lightroom not responding, unsaved photos (?)


      Ok, so I'm kinda freaking out. I imported a couple of hundred photos from my trip to America a couple of days ago which I've been working on in LR. I haven't saved a single picture and now lightroom's not responding. Am I gonna lose all my pictures if I force quit the app? I'm also making a book that needs to be printed today and I really can't afford to lose all my work. Is everything autosaved or am I completely screwed?

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          99jon Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          All info and edit settings are automatically saved in the catalog and quitting the app does not normally affect this.


          To be on the safe side make a catalog copy before you force quit. Find the Lightroom folder (in Pictures by default) and make a copy of your named catalog file (ending .lrcat) perhaps copying to the documents folder. Not the Lock file which indicates the app is open.


          You may get prompted to make a backup while the app is quitting so go ahead with that also.