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    How to export DXF file with Same Coordinate point from original AI File.

    systems01h61704443 Level 1

      Dear Friends,


           I need to export DXF file  from AI file with same coordinate points.

           For Eg:AI Art start Point have (100,200) then DXF Art start point also have same like (100,200).   


           I Know method to export DXF on Coding but  I want to set all DXF art have same point of original AI art.




           sAIActionManager->AIActionSetString(paramValueRef, 'frmt', kDxfExportFileFormatName);

           sAIActionManager->AIActionSetString(paramValueRef,  'extn',kFormatDxfExtn);

           sAIActionManager->PlayActionEvent( "adobe_exportDocument", kDialogOff, paramValueRef );


           I need your help to solve this problem.

           I am waiting for your replay.


      With Regards,