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    Work Flow-  will this work?


      I still have not set up my LR as of yet, but it's coming......I want to verify the following plan will work for the LR Classic plan:

      1: I will have LR Classic and all photos stored on an external hard drive
      2: I am an Apple fellow.....so any new photos that I take on my iPhone, these currently sync via Apple's icloud to my MacBook Air.  For these new photos that reside on my desktop photos library, I plan to  export these photos from the photos library on my Macbook Air TO my external hard drive that contains LR and all photos-
      4: I know LR does not know these new photos exist as of yet.....so once added to the external hard drive, I will ask LR to update and sync, and then LR Classic will recognize them for future editing etc.

      Will this work?