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    PNG with partial transparency over video - NOT working correctly

    Waldorf & Statler Level 3

      The PNG Problem is after the update 12.1.1 past.

      But on some Machine's there is no offer for a update.


      Our Machine for all our Comp, Editing & Colorgrading Jobs have for

      all Software Products a Disk for the OS and Software

      a SSD Disk or a SSD Raid for the Cache etc. Files

      and a SAN or ELEMENTS NAS System.


      So it is easy for our Artist to Clean the Cache Files

      when they start a new job.


      In our daily work, we notice that the setting options in Premiere

      (Preference / Settings ...) are too scattered.

      Good cutters, do not find all the places that need to be optimized

      so that Premiere runs clean. In addition there are fundamental performance problems with the ADOBE programs Premiere, After Effects and Photoshop.


      I think we do a lot for our Artist that they can make a good job.

      I understand my job like that my artist (my clients) must have a good feeling at there work.

      I hope that some ADOBE manager in the future think the same.

      Then we will have a good time.



      Charles Waldorf


      Branching as there are multiple issues.