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    Reader set as default PDF viewer, but Right-click & Print opens Acrobat?

    benw_uk Level 1

      We've recently deployed Acrobat across our XenDesktop infrastructure with Named User licenses (As per Common Deployment Options — Enterprise Administration Guide), and have had a bit of an issue with Reader and Acrobat functionality.


      I've got Reader set as the default for PDF documents for all users, and this works fine when you double click one to open it up. Reader opens up as you'd expect, functions as normal. However, when you right click on the document and click "Print", it tries to open up Acrobat. This poses a problem with the deployment we've used, as there are only a few users that have a license for Acrobat.


      I've checked every possible option to try and ensure that Reader is the default program to open PDFs, but no matter what I try it always defaults to opening Acrobat. If I alter the default program to something like Nitro, it opens that up and prints, but dropping it back to Reader results in the same problem.


      Anyone got any ideas on how to resolve this? It's a small function but it's needed for quickly printing off multiple documents at once.