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    Premiere pro crashing 20 times a hour ( no joke )

    wesleyv52874558 Level 1

      Dear Adobe!!,


      Since a month of 2 my company uses premiere pro after using final cut pro.

      Also since a month of 2 I had several times contact witrh support because premiere pro keeps crashing.

      This makes working with premiere pro a total dissapointment to me, and also costs me a lot of money because my workflow is so slow because of the crashes. This results in that I have to work with final cut pro on my old imac to get things done.

      Sometimes I need to restart 4 to 5 times to work 2 minutes on 1 project before its crashing again.


      After I called adobe support the system will work for 1 to 2 hours max as it should be after deleting temp files etc.

      This is not how it should be right?  I want a solution, and I also want a compensation or offer or something if you care about your clients, because this already cost me so much trouble and money and also have custumers who are not satishfied because of delay. I pay every month but its not even usable.

      I would appriciate if you contact me. Because helpdesk cant help me!


      I have a 3300 dollar pc, with good hardware and a clean install from win 10 and premiere pro, so i dont know what to do or upgrade to het it working.


      Win 10 Pro ( also had win 7, keeps crashing, updated it to win 10 to try solving this issue. )

      i7 8700k

      16gb ddr 4 4000mhz

      ASUS Strix GTX 1080 ti OC 11GB

      1tb ssd samsung evo 950

      500gb samsung evo 960 m2

      Watercooled system ( low temps )

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          valentinr Level 1



          I had the same problem, and I found a solution (for the moment).

          When you create a new project, change the render system from "OpenCL" to "Metal", it approximately worked for me, now premiere is only crashing once or twice a day... but I'm still waiting for a real solution.


          Capture d’écran 2018-05-11 à 16.32.04.png


          Let me know how it worked for you.

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            yenaphe Adobe Community Professional



            about compensation or offer, you are on a user to user forums, so there's not much we can do here, and this is something you should talk with Adobe support directly.


            Could you tell us more about the project you are trying to edit and that causes the crash. Is it HD, 4k, something else... What are the codecs of your source material. Is Premiere crashing when you are doing something explicit, such as cutting, applying an effect, or just "randomly".


            The more information you can give us, the better we can help.

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              Waldorf & Statler Level 3

              We have the same Problem,

              and the same work a round,

              for a new Apple MACpro (Urne)

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                Waldorf & Statler Level 3

                We make only offline HD Editing with ADOBE Premiere.

                There we work with ProRes, DNxHD or DNxHR.


                For Layout Editing, we use MP4 Footage

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                  Trevor_Asq Level 4

                  1. You might want to pay a professional VAR to set up and get you running if time is valuable

                  2. What kind of crashes? I just had to upgrade a PC to v12.1.1 because the system would hang for minutes at a time when importing or editing clips into the timeline. Not a crash per se as it always came back.

                  3. Try a fresh project with just simple ProRes or DNx HD media of same frame rate?

                  4. Try 2017 instead of 2018?

                  5. Avid offer a 30 day trial - see how that works out for you. Many editors will use Avid over Adobe given the choice (although it often depends on project)

                  6. Resolve have a free version-

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                    wesleyv52874558 Level 1



                    I thought this was an forum with also adobe staff

                    Those crashes are very random, sometimes when I first start a new project, i can work 6 hours in it, and then it starts crashing, sometimes i start a new project and it faisl after importing footage.  So premiere pro is crashing randomly, and not randomly :/ it happends with all diferent kind of stuff.. sometimes I think there is a RAM bug in premiere pro, as it seems like its eating all RAM sometimes, but i am not sure.


                    The problem overall is the interface, interface getting stuck or crashed, so when i swtich from editing to color or audio.

                    They solves this serveral times for me to delete temp folder and make a adobe.old etc.


                    I use AVCHD 1080p squarepixel sequence setting

                    with footage from a sony a7s2 and a7s 1080p 25 or 50 frames, all .mp4

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                      wesleyv52874558 Level 1

                      Hi Trevor,


                      thanks for replying. I am very thankful..


                      1. my pc should run this with no issues, and i think its weird to pay someone to get software working, i pay adobe, so they need to fix it or I will use other editing software.

                      2. interfaces freezes, getting stuck / slow, not responding, windows are overlapping instead of dissapeearing when switching panels ( color, editing, graphic etc ) than turns into grey / white screen with no responding messages and than need to restart premiere pro.

                      3. done that, same problems.

                      4. it looks like crashed versions and illegal versions are better than the paid ones : P

                      5. i will look into that, thanks.

                      6. I want to do things the right way, no illegal stuff, but if they cant fix my problems I will

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