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    Lost files

    jmpierson Level 1

      Recently Windows crashed had to re-install. Installed Photoshop CC and Lightroom to a non-boot hard drive. Recovered/ imported from the first hard drive. Imported new images to 2nd hard drive. Nest morning the Lightroom CC showed the folders I'd setup as empty. I used 'File Explorer' and saw all the images that Lightroom CC said were not there.


      I attempted to re-import those files from the hard drive, Lightroom CC import function showed the files in the folders but grayed them out as though they were duplicates.

      I copied the files to different folders and still can not import them, even when un-checking 'Don't import Suspected Duplicates.'


      I moved the images out of those folders and was able to import. Now I can't remove those empty folders from Lightroom CC.


      Any Idea as to what I did/ And how to I correct.