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    JPEG Scanner Import Error Photoshop Elements 2018


      When in Organizer, for a while it let me scan photos using JPEG. Now it consistently gives me the below error message.


      The full path for the file is: C:/Users/dalef/AppData/Local/Temp/PSAlbumImport/2018-05-1349-18/Scan.jpg


      OS: Windows 10 Version 1803


      It lets me scan/import using PNG photo format.


      The preview works fine. I cannot run the scan using JPEG format without getting the error below.


      I am new to using Photoshop Elements to scan. I had Photoshops Elements 2014 and had the same error. So I upgraded to 2018 and the same error soon returned.


      Could this be due to the new version of Windows 10 upgrade I installed last week?  I updated Photoshop 2018 so it is up-to-date. My scanner has the latest driver and firmware.


      The Windows 10 account I use has Standard rights. The error still occures when I use Administrator rights.


      Photoshop Elements 2018 Error.JPG

      Scanner Settings Photoshop 20018.JPG


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