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    "Consolidating" Elements 10, Lightroom, Creative Cloud, et al


      Okay, this is going to sound pretty stupid but here goes:  Began about five years ago with Elements 10, that odd software package that had both an organizer and a separate edit module.   Found the product confusing but got better at it.  Converted to PS/LR and migrated (most) photos over following instructions.   Since then, downloaded an upgraded LR/PS about two years ago and there are now two LR's on my desktop (not even sure which is the newer version since have basically gone dark in the past 18 months and not worked on any photos.


      Goal is to convert all photos to CC, eliminate duplicate programs, and get back in the saddle with photo editing.   But... feeling kind of helpless now as to where to even start the process.   I'm not even sure where all these images reside on the HD.