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    Lost Credits

    markb23191023 Level 1

      I'm just an occasional purchaser of images and had an account with Fotolia. I also have just half a dozen or so graphics that I uploaded. Because of being an occasional user, I've only just tried to log into my Fotolia account to find I can't. So I created an Adobe account.


      Elsewhere online, people were asking how they can sync their Adobe account with their old Fotolia account. The answer, effectively, was to go to the Adobe account, click on Account and click "Sync . . .". I can find no such option. As a result, it appears I've lost my images (which still continue to sell every so often as indicated by emails!) but I can't access anything.


      Sadly, Adobe's 'Contact Us . . . We're Here to Help' link isn't worth it's space, so I'm lost as to what to do next. If anyone can assist, I'd appreciate it.