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    Canon 80D Slow Motion Shooting

    animationlife Level 1

      Hello Everyone.


      I have a Sony PXWZ150, and I can shoot: Record Format: 1080/24p 50Mbs,  Frame Rate: 60fps, 120fps. If I bring the Sony Footage Into Premiere, It Is already a Slow Motion Footage.


      With my Canon 80D, By Default, I can shoot: 1920 By 1080, 59.94p, and By Default the Shutter is set to 60. If I bring the Canon 80D footage Into Premiere, It dose not play slow Motion. This is what I was told to do:


      1- Bring the 80D Footage Into premiere

      2- Inside Sequence Settings: Change the Timebase from 59.94 To 23.976

      3- Right Click on the Timeline Footage, Speed/Duration, and change it to 40%

      4- Unlink the Video from Audio, and Delete the Audio.


      Do I have to do all these steps ?

      What Is the correct Technique?

      What If I shoot normal, and only bring the Footage Into Premiere, and only change the Duration to 40%, Rather than going through all these Steps?

      Thank you very much.