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    Mask not working correctly in swf

      Hai Friends,
      I am trying to do a simple masking which works correctly in fla but when viewed in swf the text which is masked is not seen..What i did is first i wrote some text converted it to movieclip then in another layer i did draw a rectangle with some color and right clicked the rectangle and masked it When viewed in fla the masked text is viewable but when converted to swf the text is not seen Is it some problem with Flash Can you please help me...
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          RossRitchey Level 4
          Text is not able to be masked in Flash by default.

          You CAN do this IF you embed your text (or simply break it apart into vectors if it doesn't need to be dynamic).

          To break apart - select your text and hit Ctrl+B twice (Cmd+B on Mac). This will make the text vectors, thus negating the problem.

          Otherwise, you need to embed the fonts in 2 ways. First, if you like, you can click the "Embed fonts" button in the properties panel, and select what to embed. OR, you can go to the Library's drop-menu and select "New Font" - choose your font, and click OK. Either of these methods embeds your font. BUT, there is one more step. You need to give your text box an instanceName, go to the actions panel, and enter the following:

          myTextBox.embedFonts = true;

          This will finish the embed process to allow the masking (and alpha changes) to work for the text.
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            vinaytvijayan Level 1
            Thankyou very much for your valuable reply.As you said i embed upper and lower case and then made dynamic to static Now its working correctly friend Thank you a thousand times...God Bless You