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    Problems with one of the lessons

      I sent a private message but after I sent it I realized that didn't give you anyway to respond to me.

      First let me start by saying, I'm not a developer, I'm a Business Analyst but I'm trying to learn as much about as I can about FLEX.

      I'm working on the lesson about "Using Remote Object to Send Data to the Server". I when to the website in the instructions and looked for LCDS ES Express but I could not find it. I did some looking around and found out that the LCDS ES express is the same thing as the LCDS ES ( the one for 1 cpu) I down loaded it and installed it. It doesn't give me an option for JRun, the only choices I have are J2EE and Tomcat. I chose J2EE. Then I downloaded the server. The \jrun\server\default path did not exist in the lcds folder on C:, so I created it. Bottom line I cannot start the the server.

      I'm sure I have messed something (or several somethings) up, please help.