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    Lightroom 5 backup


      last night I edited several pictures and instead of exportinto the pictures first I decided to close Lightroom so it would back up first. Well it pops up this box “Lightroom was unable to backup the catalog named Lightroom 5 catalog”. And it gives me option to try again, quit, or choose different backup option. I have tried choose different backup option over and over. And I really don’t want to press quit because last time this happened I lost all of my edits when I opened Lightroom. Can someone please help me out here.

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          dj_paige Level 10

          I don't know why LR was unable to backup your catalog. Some things to look at:

          • Is there room on the hard disk where the backup is supposed to go?
          • Do you have write permission to the folder where the backup is supposed to go?


          If you choose quit, you won't lose your edits.