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    LR Classic Freeze during image importation


      Hello, each time I import images I have trouble during importation. It seem it's during previews making because my SD card is ejected. If if kill LR and restart all seem correct but it's very annoying !!!

      Sometime I can also see additionnal windows never seen before during the freeze. Here you can find the screenshot.


      Version Lightroom Classic: 7.3.1 [ 1167660 ]

      Système d'exploitation : Windows 10 - Home Premium Edition

      Version : 10.0.16299

      Architecture de l'application : x64

      Architecture du système : x64

      Nombre de processeurs logiques: 8

      Vitesse du processeur : 2,6 Ghz

      Mémoire intégrée : 16299,1 Mo

      Mémoire réelle disponible pour Lightroom : 16299,1 Mo

      Informations relatives au processeur graphique :

      DirectX: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 950M (