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    MP4 files are importing as audio, and this makes no sense

    setagneb Level 1

      I have 26 .MP4 files that were captured sequentially with the same camera over the course of a single afternoon.


      When I import these particular files into Premiere Pro, the first 8 files import normally, as videos. However, the remaining 18 files appear as audio-only files. Obviously, I need these 18 files to import correctly.


      This is the same camera and memory card configuration that I use to record events with on a regular basis. I follow a standard procedure to edit these videos in Premiere Pro and have never encountered this problem before now.


      This makes no sense to me at all. Any proper solution or explanation would be greatly appreciated.


      Transcoding these files into another format will not be an acceptable solution. If that is the best answer, I will not hesitate to cancel my CC subscription and switch over to Resolve full time.