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    Advice on using best workflow?


      Hello everyone.

      I would like to ask for some advice regarding my workflow for my next coming project.


      Everything was shot in 1080p, almost 4GB for each clip. The raws are in an external hard drive. I've decided to create proxies and put them in my internal hard drive. I'm also using PluralEyes to sync the clips with the audio.


      So, my question is: what's the best way to deal with all of this?

      Should I first create the proxies through media encoder (or another way) and only after that syncing the proxies clips with audio?

      Should I sync everything and then create the proxies?


      I would be grateful if you could help me.

      Best regards.

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          vitalev4 Level 1

          I am not an expert and have been doing this a short while. But, I make proxies and then attach sound with Merge. It seems like it will work OK. But, I have a follow up question. Where to put the audio files? Not on Proxy drive because then they won't be availabe for full res export. Not on full res drive because they won't be available for proxy edit. I am thinking putting my audio in the Adobe cloud. What do you think?



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