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    Arabic language support in RoboHelp


      I am currently working on a project which involves the language, Arabic. For this I am curently using X5. A colleague of mine asked me to try the same in X7.

      In the HTML page, the arabic language is in the proper format. But in the TOC, before compilation it looks perfect. Whereas after compilation, only question marks are visible.

      Pls address this issue at the earliest.

      Ganesh Shenoy H
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          RoboColum(n) Level 5
          Hi Ganeshand welcome to the RH community.
          Unfortunately right to left languages are not supported in either RHX5, RH6 or the latest version RH7. The only version that can support it is RHX3. You can request a wish list item directly to Adobe using this link. This is a peer to peer forum so we can not change things.
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            I got Webhelp to work in Arabic, for a test:

            - Compile the help in X5
            - Search and replace windows-1252 with windows-1256 in ALL files in the WebHelp folder
            - Search and replace <html> with <html dir=rtl> in all HTML-files.... except in 'whskin_tbars.htm' because ToC, Index and Search are still on the left.

            - Index seems to be picky about something. In test Webhelps in a few languages, I get empty sections in the displayed Index.
            - Search is not quite perfect either. In the X5 compiled Polish help, some - but not all - special characters were not recognized.

            RoboHelp 7 uses UTF-8 encoding, Haven't had time to test that in Arabic, Hebrew, etc.

            WebHelp seems to have lots of its UI texts all over various .htm, .js and .xml files. Graphics, such as the "Go" button in Search would also need to be changed for localised helps.

            I am also wondering if it is possible to create my own language support for the languages that are missing from RH 7 language support.

            (I'll be on holidays and won't be here for a while...)