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    AC Classic - data segregation by brand


      Hi everybody,


      We are starting to roll out Adobe Campaign on three different brands. I've created three different Operator Groups (one for each brand), each of them having a view on a specific Folder in AC. The main purpose is to let the brand operators access only the data of their brand (from delivery to recipients).

      For the deliveries (but also for Campaigns, seeds addresses etc) the division in folder is enough to reach my goal. Different matter for the recipients, were limiting the view on a folder wasn't enough to totally hide the recipients of the other brands (for example, in the Home all the recipients were visible anyway). So i've addedd the following piece of code to the Recipient Data Schema:



            <condition boolOperator="OR" enabledIf="hasNamedRight('Brand_A_right')" expr="@brand='A'"/>

            <condition boolOperator="OR" enabledIf="hasNamedRight('Brand_B_right')" expr="@brand='B'"/>

            <condition boolOperator="OR" enabledIf="hasNamedRight('Brand_C_right')" expr="@brand='C'"/>



      That worked great, now each Brand Operator Group has the view only on the recipients of his Brand.


      However if i query directly the Recipient Delivery Log, the Recipient Tracking Log (or any other schema directly connecter to the recipient schema) I can still se the data of recipients belonging to a different brand. I can inserti the code in each of these schemas, but it's a rather long operation. There is a way to avoid it, to ensure that the view is limited not only if the query is done directly on the recipient schema, but also on all other schemas connected to it?


      Thank you!