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    Footer Problems at 768 pixel breakpoint


      Dear Muse Experts,

      I hoping someone can advise me.


      I've built a simple home page in Muse that can be seen at www.taylortestsite.com

      It works fine in all the breakpoints and all the devices I've tried except on a phone at the 768 breakpoint in landscape - where it shows an extra chunk of white space below the footer


      On an ipad in portrait at 768 the footer works perfectly - no extra white space.

      On the computer and phone, the white space is there.


      In all the other breakpoints there is no white space below the footer.

      The footer works fine on phones in portrait view.


      So far I've checked that none of the copy is outside the breakpoint edge. That none of the copy is responsive. That there are no elements below the footer. That all the footers are the same on the master page. That all footers are the same on the home page.  And I've sent all elements to the back in all breakpoints to check there's nothing underneath them.


      I did in the beginning have a menu on the page linked to anchor points - but I deleted them and the menu. (I've read in some forums about hidden anchors being the problem) I've been through all the forums I can find that mention this problem but just can't seem to find a solution.


      I've set the site up with small black numbers at the top so you can see which breakpoint you are looking at - which i hope will be helpful.


      Any advice is gratefully received.

      Thanks, Dan