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    Keyboard/Mouse Input Lag in IE

      So I ran into this problem a few weeks ago, and after a lot of testing I've narrowed it down to a flash player bug in IE7.

      Basically what happens is the mouse variables (mouseX and mouseY) will lag in a high performance flash when a key is held down (but not when no keys are held). Here's a test I did: Link to the swf

      I attached the code that's in that test.

      Here's where it get's weird though. The lag only happens in IE, and you can stop the lag by loading a flash in another tab. Try running these tests:

      1. IE with no other tabs open (Lag)
      2. FF (No lag)
      3. IE with a flash open in another tab (No lag)

      I tried embedding the test and another flash in the same html page, but the lag was still there, so it has to be in another tab for it to work.

      At this point I guess what I'm looking for is some hack or workaround that will force the input to behave properly. Any ideas?