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    Win 10: Lightroom Classic hangs after returning from Standby/Energy Saving

    Henrik2000 Level 1

      Hi, I regularly put the Win 10 PC into Standby/Energy Saving mode (the mode with the blinking PC lamp). When I turn the PC fully on again, Lightroom always hangs. It has to be forcibly closed, and after that a procedure contacting Microsoft or whoever about the mishap has to be canceled as well. Do you know that phenomenon and do you have remedy?


      This happens reliably each time after Energy Saving mode. I always have several other programs open, including browser, office and graphics software. Lightroom is the only software to hang after returning from Energy Saving. All other softwares resume work as expected. Lightroom didn't hang after Energy Saving some months ago. The PC has oodles of RAM, disk space and graphics memory and for instance Photoshop runs smoothly even with very big files, also after Energy Saving.


      Interestingly, now after returning from Energy Saving, the whole system is frozen for about 20 seconds before you can work. This came (if memory serves) after an SSD disk was made the system drive about a year ago. But after that 20 seconds freeze, you *can* work – except with Lightroom Classic, which has to be forcibly closed and re-started. I don't remember properly if before the switch to the SSD disk Lightroom survived Energy Saving mode intact.

      Thanks for any hints or even reconfirmations!