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    Issue with users opening ALC workspace tasks from email link


      Our organization has a leave request form that uses the Adobe Livecycle Workspace to assign tasks and send emails to the user and their supervisor.

      After the user completes the form, the supervisor receives an email alert saying they have a form ready for approval, and the email includes a hyperlink that pulls up the form in the workspace so they can approve it.

      I have a couple of users experiencing an issue where when they click on the hyperlink in the email, it takes them into the workspace but then it just lands on a blank screen and doesn't load anything.

      However, if they open the workspace normally and go to their To-Do list, they can access the form and complete it from there.


      The Adobe Livecycle Workspace is driven by Flash Player, so that's why I'm posting it in this forum.


      Here's what we've already tried.

      • clearing browser cache and restarting the browser
      • updating flash player
      • uninstalling and reinstalling flash player


      Here are the specs of what the user is using to try and open this

      • Windows 7 OS
      • Microsoft Outlook as the email client
      • Internet Explorer as the internet browser
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          jeromiec83223024 Adobe Employee

          Long story short, you're probably going to need someone that actually worked on the application to troubleshoot it.


          Since the application works when you navigate to it directly, it's probably not a Flash Player problem.


          My guess is that it goes something like this:

          • Embedded link in email contains some information about the application state in query parameters on the URL
          • User clicks the link, which launches IE and navigates to said URL
          • Webserver receives the request for the URL, passes the data in the query parameters to the application
          • Application interprets the query parameters that were passed, passes content and data back to IE


          That process is breaking down somewhere, or there's a bug in the application itself that's causing the white screen to be displayed.

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            thomascurry_okgov Level 1

            Thank you for the response Jeromie.


            I was able to set one of the parameters it passed to the URL and got it to work correctly in IE.