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    Premiere not relinking third party proxies automatically

    david_parke Level 1

      I split 2000 proxies up between 4 computers over the weekend. Running the latest 2018 update on the main system but 2017 on the others so I just transcoded the proxies manually via media encoder (not via premiere proxy workflow) on the other systems to the same proxy folder I was using on the network for the 2018 system. Came in today, renamed the files with the added _Proxy and a BUNCH relinked, just not all. I have about 560 files left over and I am having to manually relink. I though MAYBE it was because the 2018 system hadn't been told to create these proxies so it doesn't know to look in that same folder for those proxies, so I *started* a proxy job with the remaining files pointing to the proxy folder on the network and saw it was adding _1 to the names meaning it SAW the proxy files already in there - at least the file names, so I threw those files in question into a folder, re-started a proxy batch with the CORRECT names and stopped it before it could encode the first file. I then took the files out of the folder and put them back into the root Proxy folder (where premiere thought it was putting proxies anyway) and I am still having to manually reconnect all 560-ish files. What am I missing??

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          david_parke Level 1

          The other kicker is that it's taking so long to connect single files. It looks as though it's relinking all the files but then when the locating dialog goes away, it's just down to the next file.

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            david_parke Level 1

            A RESTART OF PREMIERE WORKED! Now, I am not sure if the extra step of creating a proxy job for those items was necessary or not because I had the proxies in that folder and renamed before I booted up premiere so someone at adobe should be able to say whether or not that is necessary but that's literally the only thing I did differently between the previous restart and this one. Huzzah!

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              cculp2016 Level 1

              My proxies generated just like yours are not AT ALL relinking automatically. I tried your approach by starting a proxy batch to the same proxy folder where all of mine live, but they still do not link automatically. I have searched extensively and tried everything imaginable to make this work, with no answer anywhere online.


              It would take up our entire post schedule to link one by one. Adobe's native proxy workflow is completely broken in the first place, because it takes 10 years to even add proxy clips to media encoder's queue. If that wasn't broken, then we wouldn't be trying work-arounds to create proxies in the first place. Premiere is going to lose serious market share to Resolve if they can't fix basic workflow problems.

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                david_parke Level 1

                I hear you. I wish I could help. We're an avid house so I haven't had to go back to this since but I hope you're able to find a solution. I had forgotten about this completely but happened to login to my adobe account and saw your response. Re-reading what I went thru made me have flop sweats all over again and I was just skimming my post! Yeah, the proxy workflow isn't "there" yet but IF it works correctly which it usually does when I am just doing everything on one system, it's such a breeze.


                Anyway, best of luck!