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    Batch process for smart sharpening in LR using PS

    louisd79464044 Level 1

      In PS there is a filter called smart sharpening that in my view can more or less compensate for the standard filter in Canon DSLR models other than 5DS R that actually results in sharpness loss in High end telepictures.

      I use it from out of LR by using PS from out of  'edit in PS', and in PS 'filter/smart sharpening'.

      Because I use it for almost all tele pictures of birds and other magnified objects with high sharpness needs, I would like to Batch process the filter feature 'smart sharpening' in PS from out of LR. After which I have to close and save the picture in PS to get it back in LR. It would be easier to throw the inapplicables away than doing the described one-by-one to see if it is applicable, like I do now.


      Is there a batch process option in LR that allows edit in PS of more than one picture resulting in PS processed pictures in LR?