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    if/else combined with delimited txt file


      Hi all,

      I would have a quick question: I wrote a script to take informations like the page width/height and paste it into a new document and save it with the given informations.

      Besides that I wanted to include in every document a text frame with the information of the aspect ratio.

      I thought the easiest way would be an if/else tag to insert wether the height divided by the width or vice versa. But unfortunately InDesign is not grabbing these informations from my delimited text file.


      The script would be the following: https://pastebin.com/NW9H6dxU

      This would be an example of my current txt file: https://we.tl/Dlp0aEM3mA

      Is there anything I need to change in order to make it work?


      Thanks a lot for your help!