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    Statebutton doesn't work correctly





      I think it's something with the anchor points that i've made for my one-page-menu. They're always on the top of the title's (Rolmodellen in this case).


      i'm building a website with Adobe Muse for my schoolproject. I've made some statebuttons and created a rollover for them.

      But when im in an certain scroll-position the rollover doesn't work, but the button is still clickable.



      not correctly:


      You change try it yourself at www.eenanderekijk.net (change your scroll positions as shown above).


      Has someone an idea what could be wrong here?


      Thanks in advance,

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          ankushr40215001 Level 7

          Hey Olaf,


          Maybe I did not your query correctly, but I don't any such behavior which is described above by you.


          Once the rollover  is off there is no chance of button getting clicked because the cursor don't see that button anymore.


          If it is something we are missing then you can simply try to hyperlink the state button instead of the menu beneath it.


          Let us know if your case is not what we understood.